Escape games have been popular online ever since the internet first became accessible to the world. But now that these logic puzzles have been turned into real-life experiences, there are plenty of people willing to swap tips, tricks and reviews. The escape game community is growing, you just need to know where to look!

TripAdvisor: Your one-stop shop for everything review-based, TripAdvisor ranks escape games by the amount of stars its members allocate to each game. So if you have a particular region that you would like to visit, or you just want to see which escape game will best suit you, this is a great place to start. Find it at

Escape Talk: Whether you are new to the idea of escape games, or you are a seasoned player who has found their way out of countless closed rooms, these forums give you a chance to share your experiences and pick up some tips from others in the escape game community. Maybe you just want to find out what you should have done to escape that room – someone on this forum is sure to have the answer for you. Check out

Escape Room Hub: If you want to search through almost every escape game available in the world, Escape Room Hub has what you need. It is regularly updated and features reviews from other users to help you make a decision on which one to visit first. Find it at

Escape Room Enthusiasts, Facebook: If you like to feel like part of a community, check out this Facebook group. Full of escape game geeks, creators and newbies, the group aims to improve escape game practice, while offering a friendly place to chat about experiences, ideas and events, and ask any questions you may have. Here’s the link:

Escape Reviewer: This community is available as an app for your smart phone or tablet, so that you can check out reviews of escape rooms on the go. With reviews from experts and a database of over 4000 companies based all over the world, this is a great app if you are out of town and looking for a good escape game nearby. Check out the website at

Fans within the escape game community are generally a friendly bunch, who are eager to share their experiences and offer advice. Take a look at these links if you are after a bit of help before your next escape game attempt.