Escape games require skill, creative thinking, puzzle solving and a little bit of luck. If you are a newbie to this world, you may not be aware of the long escape game history that precedes its current popularity.

The concept is not a new one, but it is only in the last two years that the unique game-play entertainment has really started to make waves in the UK. The escape game history starts back in 2007, when Takao Kato from Japan was looking to throw an unusual event. He was intrigued by the escape games available online, such as Crimson Room, which were inspired by point and click games created back in the 1980s. He realised that there was a real possibility of bringing them to life.

The web-based games were nearly always set in a single room, with the aim of finding a way out using various clues. He wanted to create an exciting adventure that other people could also be a part of, and so, the very first escape game event was born. Working with a company called SCRAP, he went on to build a number of escape games, and is proud to oversee a very low success rate in his visitors. At first, escape game history was made in bars and clubs as pop-up events, but it was not long before more permanent structures were built.

Over the following five years, the idea went global, with more impressive venues being created in Singapore. There are over 50 escape rooms in Singapore, as well as Budapest, Bern and Australia, to name a few. Then the USA caught wind of the concept and the escape game history was further enriched.

It was 2014 that saw the biggest boom in escape game history, and by 2015 there were over 2,800 venues worldwide. Escape game history has also had a significant effect on tourism, since it is an attraction that people will happily travel to play and are a great activity when it is raining or cold.

Thrill-seekers in over 50 countries are now able to challenge themselves in the computer game-style activities, bringing the traditional online escape game to life, although many of them may never know the escape game history behind their enjoyment.