Escape game popularity is growing throughout the UK. Having been available in Asia for a while now, with oriental and historical themes, the games have become an international phenomenon, and are an experience not to be missed.
Perhaps escape game popularity in the UK comes from a sense of nostalgia. Many of us remember game shows such as the Crystal Maze, a 1990s television programme which required participants to work their way through a series of tasks in order to find their way out. Escape game popularity, at least in part, could be put down to this desire to be part of such a big show. However, unlike the Crystal Maze, escape games have a number of different themes, allowing them to appeal to a much broader audience. While many of them focus on death and horror, there are also less macabre themes such as prison break escape games and family friendly escape games.

For many, however, escape game popularity is due to the country’s addiction to computer games. These adrenaline-pumping games take something that has long been available on the internet, and bring it to life. Escape game popularity among gamers could be down to the fact that they find it easy to solve clues and unlock doors on their consoles, but the real life version is far more difficult and exciting. Add to this, the fact that the real life version involves playing along with friends in order to reach a common goal, the live escape games are much more sociable and interactive.

This group mentality makes them a unique option for hen/stag dos, birthday parties, group building sessions and Christmas parties.
Some people just want something different but thrilling to do. Escape game popularity is still fuelled with the newness of the activity and the combination of fun, puzzle-solving and teamwork required to complete the task. It really makes attendees use their brain, while allowing them to be tactile, using their hands to search the room. They have fun without trying, and easily bond with their group. There is no other attraction quite like it, so it is easy to see why escape game popularity has soared across the world.


April 2012 – The first Escape Game opened
July 2013 – 5 Escape Game Rooms around the UK
January 2014 – 20 Game Rooms
October 2014 – 50 Escape Games
February 2015 – 100 UK Based Escape Games
May 2015 – 150 Game Rooms
November 2015 – 200 Escape Games in the UK
March 2016 – 250th Live exit game joined the country
May 2016 – It is assumed that there was just over 300 game rooms.
End of 2016 we expect there to be around 400 escape games in the UK.

Escape Games have been opening up everywhere around the country, mainly in the cities.