Meet Mr Q, the founder of a secret crime fighting agency. This elusive character needs your help to save the world from its current biggest threat – the mad evil scientist Professor Blacksheep, who is plotting and planning to end Mr Q, and all of mankind! Cluequest is one of the top escape games in London.

This 60-minute live escape game features three missions for three to five players. Each mission is linked, so that those who wish to continue the adventure after solving the first room, can progress on to the next room.

Start with PLAN52, the secret crime-fighting headquarters, where four of Mr Q’s top agents have disappeared. Mr Q suspects that Professor Blacksheep is behind the kidnapping, but that he was not working alone. He has also discovered a dangerous device that threatens to explode and destroy the headquarters. Can you and your team help solve the clues, save the missing agents and deactivate the device before it is too late?

The slightly more difficult Operation Blacksheep will see your team infiltrate Professor Blacksheep’s headquarters as you work to break into his computer system and destroy a satellite that he has built. This satellite has the ability to control human minds and you need to find the code to launch the missiles to destroy it. Once you have done this, the command centre will go into self-destruct mode, so you will need to get out of the room within 60 minutes or risk being destroyed!

Revenge of the Sheep is the newest and most challenging of the three missions. Professor Blacksheep, and his new evil sidekick, have unveiled a new plot to turn all humans into sheep. Your team will have to find all of the SheepMutator devices and deactivate them before we all meet a wooly end.

Cluequest is one of the few escape games that is suitable for children over the age of nine (with adult supervision, of course). Indeed, they encourage school groups to book and take on the challenges. It is completely free from fear-based and physical activities, instead choosing challenges focusing on common sense, logic and teamwork, and so it is suitable for pregnant women. The large room sizes also mean that those who are easily claustrophobic can also enjoy the game. The destination has won a TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence for its team building, exciting concept, and is considered to be the top escape game in London. You can take a look at our list of the other best escape games in London and across the rest of the country as well.