Designed by a team of professional game and puzzle designers, psychologists, mathematicians, and organisational behaviourists, and decorated by set designers plucked from Hollywood and Broadway, Escape Entertainment provide a stand-out escape room experience. Teamwork and communication skills will be stretched to the limit, while you make the most of every puzzle-solving skill you possess.

With only 60 minutes to find your way out of each of the rooms, you, and nine of your friends, family or work colleagues must solve a series of puzzles to secure your freedom. One of things that is a bit different about Escape Entertainment, is that you can buy as many tickets as you like. However they will aim to fill the room, so you might find yourself making new friends as you play alongside strangers. However, the larger capacity makes it a more suitable option for large groups. Escape Entertainment have been known to cater for up to 80 people at a time.

When making your booking, you have two rooms to choose from. The first, Prohibition Pandemonium, is set in the swinging twenties. With the police knocking on the front door, you need to find the secret back door in order to make your escape and avoid arrest! The second, Bank Heist, works better for smaller groups of 2-6, and those who don’t want to share the room with visitors outside of their group. Your mission is to steal the crown jewels in the allotted time. If you don’t complete the task before the hour, the security cameras will kick back into life and you will be caught in the act!

For this escape game, you are asked to arrive ten minutes prior to your allocated time to ensure you’re able to start on time. Unfortunately, the company runs to a strict schedule, so latecomers miss their game.It is also one of the few locations that is able to offer food and beverages, making them an ideal choice for a birthday or celebration package. Some big companies have enjoyed staff occasions here, including The Huffington Post, Radisson and Coach.

London is the second location from Escape Entertainment, with their first in New York. As such, they have the experience necessary to create a truly exciting escape room escapade! Another great London escape game is Cluequest. Be sure to check that as well as ours out as well when visiting the capital.