HintHunt London prides itself as being the very first of the London escape rooms. Situated close to Euston station, the simple, but very addictive challenges are ideal for those who are new to escape games.

There are five rooms in total, with two different themes. With your group of three to five people, you will have one hour to scour the rooms, find the clues, solve the puzzles and make your way out.

Dr John Monroe’s Office is a detective room that focuses around a murder. Your team has to find the attacker in order to free themselves from the office. But the real gem of this building is the Zen room. Set up to be slightly more difficult than the Office, with an ethereal Japanese theme. Most players tend to start by solving the murder, and then come back to complete the Zen room.

The HintHunt London escape rooms have a similar set-up – you are left in a sparsely furnished room and told to escape. A clock on the wall lets you know how much time you have left to complete the challenge, and this constant reminder definitely adds to the feeling of pressure. Both missions require a certain amount of hints in order to complete the puzzles, and these are drip-fed to visitors throughout the game. Unlike other escape games where you have to request hints, HintHunt gives them to you as and when they feel it is necessary. Although it is possible to ask for no hints at all, nobody has ever completed the tasks without them. If you are looking to do it without tips, you may find use in some of our escape game techniques.

As the attraction to pave the way for a whole host of other escape games in the capital, HintHunt works hard to stay on top. The rooms are reasonably sized, so that claustrophobic people can still enjoy the game, and there is no fear factor or physically difficult tasks, so that all levels of fitness can join in. While it is possible to play with a group of two people, HintHunt recommends groups of three to five. Any more than this, and the group has to be split up into teams, which adds a competitive element to the room. There is talk of a third mission soon to be added to the gameplay list, so watch this space!