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See below for information about the rooms available at Adventox London. We have two of each room so you can play head-to-head if you have a large group.

If the room you would like to play is already booked at your chosen time please check the second room as availability may be different.

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Alcatraz: No Way Out

Frisco, 1962. It feels like you have been locked up here forever, in Alcatraz, the most notorious of all maximum-security prisons. Never has anyone escaped from this prison alive. But with all preperations in place, tonight might be your chance. But beware: An opportunity does not automatically lead to success. Out in the bay, the tide is murderous and the sharks are hungry. You have to avoid the guards and keep a clear head to make your escape attempt a success.

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Mission X

Intelligence tells us that terrorists have managed to set up a missile in a central London location. We are currently unaware of the location and have been given a number of potential sites but don’t have the required resources to check all of them. Not to cause public fear, we have selected several high profile members of the public to help us. If you find anything suspicious, please investigate the matter further! If you need help let us know. Time is running. Good luck, team!

Tips and Recommendations

Young Teams

Mission X welcomes younger groups – Under 16s require a minimum of 1 Adult

Escape Game Beginners

Mission X is an easier game for first times and is likely to require less help from the game host as all players are constantly in the same room as opposed to Escape from Alcatraz. Although players are often tempted to play the more difficult game, unless you are happy for us to walk you through, we do recommend starting with Mission X.