Prison escape games make for a popular theme in many locations. Of course, the point of real-life prison cells is that they are inescapeable, in order to contain dangerous criminals, so the excitement of being able to find your way out is mingled with a sense of naughtiness – like you have done something you shouldn’t have. These are our favourite three prison escape rooms in the UK, but there are many more around the world.

First of all you should of course make sure you visit our state of the art prison escape game located in Shepherds Bush, London. Our intricately designed rooms will immerse you into the experience on whichever difficulty you decide to choose, all of which will provide you differing levels of help. We also  have two prison escape rooms in case you are attending in a larger group, or you simply want to pit two different groups against each other in a race to see who can escape first.

As well as ours, here are a few other great prison escape rooms for you to try across the country:


Live Escape has only one room, and that is all it needs. The Prison Breakout has an interesting backstory that gives you plenty of motivation to escape, with hidden hints to help you on your mission dotted around the room. It is an escape you and your cell mate have been plotting for a while, but after being placed in solitary confinement, you return to find he has escaped without you, leaving you clues on how to follow. Created for groups of between two and five, you have 60 minutes to make your way out before the guards come around to check on you.


This prison escape game divides you and your teammates into separate cells, meaning you have to shout to communicate with each other and piece together all the clues. It adds an interesting unique element to the game, and of course, shouting immediately adds to the urgency that you feel. The back story of the Penitentiary focuses on the mysterious ‘night stalker’ who died in the room you are locked in. Nobody knows what happened, but you have an hour to escape, or you could be next! If you do visit this, be sure to check out our ideas of other activities to do while you’re in London.


The Prison Cell room gives you the chance to succeed where so many have failed. Locked up for a crime you didn’t commit, you have heard the stories of failed escape attempts, and also the legend of the one prisoner who did find a way to freedom. He has left clues for you to find. Can you follow in his footsteps? With one hour to escape, you can have teams of two to five players.

If you’ve ever wondered what it would feel like to be on the wrong side of the law, you are sure to enjoy one of these prison escape games. Achieve the impossible and escape jail!