Here’s something you might not realise about escape games: the people who run them don’t want you to find a way out. They want you to fail, so that their success rate remains low. They won’t be helping you to solve escape games faster, as a low success rate means the game is challenging, and that a win is even sweeter for the participants. However, there are some tips and tricks that will help you to solve escape games faster, so that you get your name on the leaderboard.


Chances are, this is not something you will have to worry about too much, since you should already be excited about your visit, and raring to complete the challenge. Those that are able to solve escape games faster, are those that run from puzzle to puzzle, eager to finish them and move onto the next one. Apathetic contestants, or those that have had a little too much to drink, will be a drain on your speed.


Don’t spend time dwelling on your findings. Spend the first few minutes running around the room and grabbing anything that looks useful, particularly if it is slightly hidden. Look behind curtains, under beds, in drawers and under carpets. Getting all your resources in one place will save you searching for the same things over and over, helping you to solve escape games faster.


This is a team game, and a large group will always have an advantage over a smaller one. Assign different puzzles to different people, and be prepared to swap if one becomes too difficult. You don’t have time to have everyone dwelling on the same thing, the clock is ticking and delegation will definitely help you to solve escape games faster.


Most escape games allow you to ask for a certain amount of hints. Make use of these, as they will definitely enable you to solve escape games faster. Don’t worry about saving them, just use them whenever you are struggling.


Blank surfaces can fool a lot of people. Look for a UV light to shine on it to unveil a clue. Don’t assume that random numbers around the room are useless. Everything is there for a reason, and they can all enable you to solve escape games faster.