Few activities encourage a team to bond and work together as much as team building Escape Games. Nervous excitement, anticipation and tension will get your adrenaline pumping in these thrilling escape experiences. It motivates people to take action; yet the very essence of the game requires teamwork. No player is greater than the team in this team building escape game – every player in the party must play a part!

If you have not heard of team building escape games before, you are in for a treat! You and your team are up against the clock to find your way out. The game follows certain scripts depending on the decisions made throughout the session, however, the room is scattered with clues and red herrings that make the puzzle a challenging and thrilling experience.

There is no office hierarchy in Escape Games! Everyone is equal, and everybody’s opinions are valid – thinking outside the box is definitely encouraged. This team building activity promotes group bonding, as attendees will find out more about each others personalities and the way they approach problems. Encouraging teams to have fun together, laughing and communicating is key to make it through your chosen scenario. Currently, we have the choice of two scenarios offering two rooms simultaneously, hosting up to 20 players at a time in teams of five.

Escape from Alcatraz” forces teams to work together as they are split into two cells, unable to get out without working together.

Mission X” offers a more classic escape game which requires teams to pay great attention to detail if they do not want to be given a lot of clues.

Both game options require participants to work as a team and employers often find team building escape games useful to assess their employees’ working styles. Natural leaders will shine, as they attempt to take charge and move the group through the game. Our escape games will also highlight those that are quiet contemplators, weighing up the evidence before making a measured decision. Not everybody finds the escape route before time runs out but this team building escape game will still help to create a harmonious and motivated working environment.

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