26 Games in 12 Months

They said it couldn’t be done; they said I was crazy, but I proved them all wrong! I completed my escape game marathon; my quest to find my way out of 26 exit rooms in a year, along with my trusty team of puzzle-solving masterminds. We looked for the best escape games in the UK, and travelled to them all.

Month one saw us hit two London games in one week. We managed to find our way out of the Zen room at Hint Hunt, but we failed Mr Q at Cluequest this time. A few weeks later, we headed up to Clue HQ in Warrington and escaped from the Sacrifice room.

In our second month, we tackled Enigma Escape in London, but failed to escape from the killer. We then headed to Leeds, where we were also unable to find our way out of Tick Tock Unlock.

Undeterred, we headed over to Manchester where we found success at Breakout, managing to escape from the Detective Office with twenty seconds to spare. We almost cracked the Secret Studio in London, but sadly, we had to admit defeat again.

We stayed local again for the first escape game of month four, and were excited to find our way out of Time Run in London. A week later, we travelled up to Birmingham, and escaped from Room 13 at Escape Live.

Our confidence restored, we easily escaped from Logiclock in Nottingham and Locked In Games in Leeds in month five. Our sixth month was just as successful, with wins at The Great Escape Game in Sheffield and Clue Finders in Liverpool.

Month seven went smoothly too, and we successfully escaped from Salisbury Escape Rooms and Can You Escape in Edinburgh. In month eight, we conquered Puzzlair in Bristol and Escapologic in Nottingham.

However, month nine let us down. Perhaps we had become too cocky with our success, and we failed both Escape Hour in Edinburgh and GR8Escape in York. Month ten was just as disappointing, and we were unable to escape from The Panic Room in Gravesend and Locked in a Room in Bristol.

We spent a little time in Scotland in month eleven, and were able to pull back some games with a win at Escape Games in Glasgow and Escape in Edinburgh. On our way back home, we stopped off at Lockin Real Escape in Manchester, where our confidence was checked with a fail.

Luckily we ended our year on a high, with wins at Tick Tock Unlock in Liverpool and Cryptology in Nottingham. My escape game marathon was thoroughly enjoyable, and I can’t wait to take on more missions!